Broleskine - hand made notebooks from recycled paper

Brussels is a wonderful city and in it I found wonderful things amongst others two notebooks which took my breath away. From old books, papers envelopes etc Broleskine makes new notebooks.
As they write about their work:
'From all sorts of books, papers, packaging, envelopes heather, Broleskine creates unique books. In a current design of the binding, Broleskine think in colors and textures, questions on paper and always in a spirit of recovery. Ruled, squared, colorful, screenprinted, collages, hand-stitched, these precious objects are never developed in the same way. Book tailor made, ready to read book dismembered, calendar reusable.'
It is a form of poetry in notebooks. The love for paperwork you see all through their book, which are also usable. Go to their site and brows and if you like me find it in a store, be amazed.
Here is their link to the stores and other places were you can find their books.
I found mine at bozarshop. Which is really cool and well worth visiting!

All images are from the site.

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