Awagami - Fine art paper

Another thing I found in Brussels was a Creative Art paper pack from Awagami Factory. A bag full of fun and beautiful paper. On the Awagami site you can read about how the Japanese paper is made in a different way then western made paper, but I'm more in to just looking at the nice papers with flowers and all. On the site though there is for everyone who admire paper a lot to look at. Walls made by paper, paper in every form for decoration, buy your own paper making set, go to a paper making workshop, etc.
I got the small "Creative Washi Pack", a very small taste of what they are able to produce, for me it is inspiring enough. On the outside of the pack there is a illustration of how you can use these papers into wrappings for different things. I like the illustration and would rather find more of those, giving me more ideas about that to do with my stack.
And for those of you wanting to get your hands on these here are the shops were to find it.

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