DecalArt - Camilla Engberg

While looking for nice Christmas presents I found 'DecalArt'. This Decal Art that I came across is made by Camilla Engman. It is a rub-on art. You can transfer these lovely pict's on to almost anything. Create your own cover for your notebook or choose your own image for your breakfast cup.
It's produced by 'Third Drawer Down' with many more choices of artist decorations of which you can choose. Read about 'Third Drawer Down' in my recent post.

Camilla Engman is an artist making fantastic illustrations and paintings. Very worth looking through her website. She is an excellent artist, paints and draws beautifully and her images are both dead serious and mysterious, but because of these horrors in her pictures she is also making it all into a joke. It looks like she laughs out of the deep well of depression, laughing at a situation that can't get worse than this.

While looking for the producer of Decalart, I came across the company Third Drawer Down, read about them in my recent post!
(the paintings in this post come from Camilla Engman's website)

Third Drawer Down

'Third Drawer Down'. What a brilliant name and after examining the site, what nice products! Artifart all the way. Several products of the very funny David Shrigley. His salt and pepper shakers 'Heroin & Cocain' are sublime! And his greeting cards make me laugh so much. His simple messages shows just how important ideas are in creation of just anything.
Third Drawer Down are collaborating with established and emerging artists and produce limited edition textiles, objects and stationary items.Other artists work reprecented by Third Draw Down are for ex.: Miranda July, Chicks on Speed, David Bromley, Jason Polan, Ed Ruscha, Duchamp, Koons and many more. They are situated in Melbourne, Australia and I guess anyone with their ways past would enjoy a stop by at their store at 93 George Street, Fitzroy Victoria(if you look up this street, there are so many art related institutions and shops that it seems to really be a place to visit!). All we others can visit their website and drool over the things we almost can afford.

(the images are from third drawer down website)

Barcelona graphics

John Cage Diary 2010

" I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones."

"The highest purpose is to have no purpose at all. This puts one in accord with nature, in her manner of operation.
John Cage

John Cage composer, writer, philosopher and artist have said "I have nothing to say, and I am saying it, and that is poetry as I know it". This is just one of his most famous observations and that along with many more are collected in a pocket diary for 2010. Trivial facts from Cage's life and his excellent quotes are put into a dairy form. Very nice to use and to read his quotes/thoughts on a daily basis and a good introduction to him and his work. I found it in a book store, but you can order it of the internet.

"The daily warmth we experience is not transmitted by sun to earth but is what earth does in response to sun."

Hidden Cheramic 'Tempel' Amsterdam

By taking a walk in Amsterdam I came by a shop I never noticed before. Actually a shop window, the shop is only on appointment. But you can see a lot through the window of Tempel at Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat 20hs and of course on the internet. On the internet I discovered that not only ceramics, but handmade bags as well. Everything is hand made and unique. There of the prices, but to think that you are actually buying an art piece the prices are modest.
To buy a one of a kind or to order a one of a kind ceramic as a present is the perfect big celebration present.

(the images in this article are taken from the website of Temple)

Book- Save me from what I want

I had to buy it. If a book is called 'Save me from what I want', I just had to buy it. Added to this the nice graphic work of the book, it had to become mine. 'Save me from what I want' is a project book. Several different writers have participated to write essays on the theme ' Save me from what I want'. It is a publication of Sexymachinery and this publication is their 9th out of 14 at today's date. See all the projects at .
The content deals with the question what we want to be saved from in these times. A century ago the answer could have been "the unforgiving flames of hell", as they put it in the foreword, but now days? It is not the thought of hell which terrify us the most these days, but very real things we have around us in our daily life.
The design ads to the value of the book. It is a real art piece. It's cover with a sticker, red dipped pages, measurements of the page on the pages and hidden image on the end of the pages and there are more to be found! It all adds up to a interesting book to read and to investigate.
If you find it interesting do go to their site for a deeper presentation of their projects.

Letter book

On my latest trip to Barcelona I found a beautiful book at Gallery RAS, Calle del Doctor Dou 10, BNC. .
RAS have a great offer of art-, graphic design- and photo books. Well worth a visit. Nice is to see what art projects and books are being made in Spain and especially in and around Barcelona. This is one of them.

2D 3D Wallets

Wallets which look like folded papers or maps are from Dynomighty Design. I love paper and 2D things and I love the fact that this looks very 2D but is a 3D object And a useful one too. These are my favourites, but at Dynomighty you can find many more verities.