Keri Smith -

You ever heard of Keri Smith?
Her fame is evident in all the fan pages which her work has created.
She has already made a collection of books with her thoughtful and creative books.
What has she done? Well  check out all her books on how to re-discover your creativity and your world.
I gave her first book to my nice for her birthday. She called me the next day to thank me and tell me that it was a 'Crazy book!' and that she loved it! 'Because, she said, Is says I should climb up a tree and throw the book down from there, to see what happens!'
Yes, that is just one thing Keri asks us to do with her books, to see what happens and to register and re-discover our world.
-Just lovely!

And check out all pages made by everyone on Pintrest from the books of Keri Smith!

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