Book- Save me from what I want

I had to buy it. If a book is called 'Save me from what I want', I just had to buy it. Added to this the nice graphic work of the book, it had to become mine. 'Save me from what I want' is a project book. Several different writers have participated to write essays on the theme ' Save me from what I want'. It is a publication of Sexymachinery and this publication is their 9th out of 14 at today's date. See all the projects at .
The content deals with the question what we want to be saved from in these times. A century ago the answer could have been "the unforgiving flames of hell", as they put it in the foreword, but now days? It is not the thought of hell which terrify us the most these days, but very real things we have around us in our daily life.
The design ads to the value of the book. It is a real art piece. It's cover with a sticker, red dipped pages, measurements of the page on the pages and hidden image on the end of the pages and there are more to be found! It all adds up to a interesting book to read and to investigate.
If you find it interesting do go to their site for a deeper presentation of their projects.

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