DecalArt - Camilla Engberg

While looking for nice Christmas presents I found 'DecalArt'. This Decal Art that I came across is made by Camilla Engman. It is a rub-on art. You can transfer these lovely pict's on to almost anything. Create your own cover for your notebook or choose your own image for your breakfast cup.
It's produced by 'Third Drawer Down' with many more choices of artist decorations of which you can choose. Read about 'Third Drawer Down' in my recent post.

Camilla Engman is an artist making fantastic illustrations and paintings. Very worth looking through her website. She is an excellent artist, paints and draws beautifully and her images are both dead serious and mysterious, but because of these horrors in her pictures she is also making it all into a joke. It looks like she laughs out of the deep well of depression, laughing at a situation that can't get worse than this.

While looking for the producer of Decalart, I came across the company Third Drawer Down, read about them in my recent post!
(the paintings in this post come from Camilla Engman's website)

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Camilla Engman said...

thank you and best 2010 wishes :)