Found magazine

A favorite magazine of mine, for many years now, is Found Magazine. It satisfies my every need of imagery. I can spend many hours browsing through their archive of found notes and pictures. It amuses me tremendously to read and imagine were these notes comes from and who or were the photos were taken. It is a view in to other peoples life's, far away or maybe very close to mine. Could it be my neighbor who lost some of those notes or who's photo were found lying on the street? The notes often contains so strange and contradicting messages which makes my mind buzz from all the stories it makes up of who the writer is or who the receiver might have been. Then were it's been left and if the intended receiver really got the note or the content of the message. So if you have some hours to spend or just want a laugh quick-fix go to Found Magazine and see 'the find of the day'!

Both images in this post comes from Found Magazine.

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