Walls Notebook

Yes, it is walls which you can draw on. OK, not for real real, but on photos of New York backdrops. It is a super nice idea to be able to draw or make notes on something ells than a blank page. It expands the mind and brings another dimension into you thoughts.
You can of course use the book for what it is made for, to make your own graffiti drawings on clean NY walls with the bonus not to get caught by the police. But you can also use it as a notebook were the world opens op to you right there on your table.
Make you want to think of what ells you could be drawing on.

If you want to start right away you can also visit Walls notebook own website, were you can draw something online. There you can also look at more backdrops, see other peoples drawings and order the book.

All photos comes from the book Walls Notebook.

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