Vincent Van Gogh's letters

The letters of Vincent van Gogh have been published on the site . Amazing to read and amazing that all the letters are put up at this site.This will take many of my free hours to read. I was going to buy the letters in book form, which is a beautiful crafted series of books, but to have it on the web with hyperlinks, translation, footnotes and illustrations is, again, amazing. The letters are a part of our cultural heritage and I'm glad that they are viewed that way, so that anyone can access them. They contains Vincents thoughts about life and most of all his and other artists work. I personally enjoy the references to the places I know, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Brussels, Winschoten(!) and many more. I love the thought that Vincent once walked the same streets which I walk today. And I love to find out his views on art. The site is very well designed. It makes perfect use of the medium with an easy to use interactive design. This is for anyone who is interested in history, Vincent as a person and the mind of a great artist.
Enjoy all the hours of reading!

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