How much can you love just one brand? It is hard to admit that I love most things Muji makes. OK, far from all, but a too big % for me to feel comfy with myself as a consumer. I don't, generally speaking, want to buy to many things. Not to clog my life with or my apartment, or give an inch to the growing mountain of garbage. I say no to all bags at department stores, try to buy products without wrappings and not buying products which I know takes a big toe on the environment; are some things I try to think of, but the world will have to live with all the notes I've made on numerous of pages in far to many notebooks...
And as I get in to Muji, the temptation for a new notebook or just a small little pencil is too big.
This time I notices the very nice notebook with a zipper bag as a cover. I want to use it immediately to organize myself. To write up my thoughts and save extremely 'important' pieces of paper, which I can tuck in to that little zipper. It feels like my life will finely be in order. ( I have not started using this yet, but when I do, this will definitely happen).

The second thing I want to tell you about is their beautiful pen. They have several, but this one is a new variety on the old bic-pen. (which is a beautiful thing in it self as well). This pen has 5 colors to change in between, with a click. The colors are well composed, all of them are in light pastel colors instead of the four classic (blue, red, green, black) the colors are black, blue, light blue, red, pink and orange. The color mix is very attractive as well as the design of the pen. Made in see-through plastic where you can see the colors and the functionality, makes it both fresh and childhood-remembrance-attractive.
I have located the Muji
stores in Berlin, Barcelona, United states and in Stockholm you can find them inside the store of Ã…hlens. For more places and the online shop.

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